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Support Crisis Line
Our mission is to provide confidential and anonymous telephone support to people in distress
and crisis, and to serve as a lifeline for positive change by connecting our clients to area
Your donation can help the Crisis Line & Referral Service provide services to improve the quality of life and improve the mental health of the community you live in.
How will my tax deductible contribution be used?
       • It costs $15 an hour or $300 a day to run Crisis Line and Referral Service. Included in these expenses are.
      • The 800 telephone line
      • The equipment to support operations
      • The recruitment, training and support of the large volunteer base
      • The updating and printing costs of resource manuals, training manuals and brochures
Over 6,000 people reach out for help each year. We serve our friends and neighbors in Aitkin, Cass, Crow Wing, Morrison, Todd, and Wadena Counties.
The Suicide Prevention Program’s goals are to reach as many students as possible. We reach approximately 1724 students a year in over 16 schools. Students learn about depression and the alternatives to suicide, drugs, alcohol, and bullying. Resource materials are given to each student that they can share with family and friends should the need arise. Additionally with our post surveys we can identify and reach out to teens in pain and give them the help they need before they turn to suicide as the answer to their problems. We also saw an increase of calls to the crisis line after we have given our Suicide Prevention Programs. Overall this past year, we saw a significant increase of teen calls to the crisis line. Your gift will support the suicide prevention program and insure there is always someone here to listen.

At this time, the Crisis Line has 49-50 trained volunteers, depending on the season. These dedicated volunteers donated over 8760 hours of line time, in response to over 5400 calls for help. Recruiting, training, education, retention, the need for our volunteers to debrief from the stress of these calls, and marketing and education in several different venues will also be used to increase awareness of Crisis Line Services and volunteer opportunities are one way your funding helps the Crisis Line help our communities. Recruiting and training is always an ongoing process with ever changing resources, trends in our society, and the economic downturn.
Your gift will insure there is always someone here to listen.
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